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Client Rights and Privacy Policy

You may give or withhold your written informed consent. You may refuse, modify, or terminate treatment at any time, regardless of prior consent. All client  information (written or verbal) is confidential and will be safeguarded by the therapist, except when disclosure is required by law or court order. Written authorization will be obtained prior to all communication concerning client's records. If the Registered Massage Therapist feels that referral to another health care provider is necessary, client's written consent will be obtained first.

Electronic Communication

It is acknowledged that by communicating with HOPE Massage Therapy via this website, you are agreeing to further electronic communication. All information that you provide is confidential, and will be safeguarded by HOPE Massage Therapy and Michelle Ekert, Registered Massage Therapist. Should you decide to terminate communication with HOPE Massage Therapy and Michelle Ekert, Registered Massage Therapist, please e-mail your request. Thank you.

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